Nicholas Mosse

Way back in 1976, a young Irish farmer’s son set up a pottery in a disused cow house. Today his pottery is sold worldwide and collected and loved by many.

The inspiration for Nick’s work has always been Irish country folk tradition and his parents were keen collectors of furniture and artefacts and old implements that were swiftly disappearing from the countryside.  Irish Spongeware, the pottery that used to decorate the kitchen dressers in old cottages, became the mainstay of the pottery.  All the ware is made on site, from clay to bisque to final glazed piece.  Ecologically sound processes were used from the 1970’s onwards, when Nick restored hydro power in the family mill.  Over the years he has trained the many local men and women who so skilfully make this beautiful, high-quality pottery.  Based on tradition, the variety of shapes and designs over the years have ensured that Nicholas Mosse Pottery is its own tradition now.

About Nicholas Mosse

As a 7-year-old child, Nicholas Mosse wanted to be a potter and he spent a large part of his formative years studying and journeying to train in ceramics.  Third level studies in Harrow school of art were followed by stints in France, Scotland, and Japan.  After years learning his craft, he returned home to the Irish countryside and started up on his own.  He was joined by his American wife Susan whose experience in design and the gift trade helped him develop ranges that caught the public’s imagination. Today Nicholas Mosse Pottery has been in business for almost 50 years. The brand has been developed and honed over the years. Nicholas Mosse pottery is now recognised worldwide and is a standard-bearer for Irish crafts and quality. The business has employed many local people over the years, developing their craft and keeping the skills alive, and tailoring the product to a modern era.

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Nicholas Mosse



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