Moth to a Flame

Candle-making has lots of things to recommend it. At the hand-made level, where I work, it’s quiet. For the purpose of pouring, quiet is good. I can tell from the sound of the wax filling the mould if all is ok – not too hot and not too cold.

There is the satisfaction of almost no waste as a rejected candle can be melted and re-made. It’s colourful. Bold or subtle, rich or pastel – the same colour can be any of these depending on concentration on surface finish.

At the beginning I discovered that being as gentle as possible with the wax recipe had benefits. At first, the aim was to make candles with a different finish and texture. Happily, slow melting, low pouring temperatures and insulated moulds made it possible to use the more fragile dyes and heat-sensitive fragrances allowing me to create my unique candles.

About Moth to a Flame

Larry Kinsella came to craft in a roundabout way. Years of making yoghurt and cheese on an industrial scale, and a period working in a candle factory made a sound base from which to go solo. At first, he made candles in the garage, all the time searching for a different “look”. Then a chance conversation secured a stand at SHOWCASE and the ball started rolling.

Moth to a Flame opened in Bennettsbridge in 1999. The blend of experience and knowledge gleaned from the modern dairy business and traditional candle-making work enabled Larry to design and commission the equipment needed to make candles with a distinctive finish and look; this enhanced how the candle burned.

Lately, Larry has been experimenting with unusual grades of wax, making lanterns and glow globes.

Larry’s candles were shown in the DCCI touring exhibition Of Colour in Craft.

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