Jerpoint Glass

Jerpoint Glass, a multi-generational family business, was founded in 1979. Its mission is simple: to make beautiful and functional handmade glassware to enjoy every day. Using the same ancient techniques and traditional tools used by the Romans over two thousand years ago, each Jerpoint Glass piece is mouth-blown and finished by hand at the studio in Co. Kilkenny.

The master glassblowers individually make each Jerpoint piece by hand, transforming molten glass into beautifully hand-crafted tableware such as wineglasses, bowls, jugs and vases in the signature Jerpoint colours inspired by the Irish landscape. Each piece has a unique character for you to enjoy.

About Jerpoint Glass

Jerpoint Glass Studio is home to the magic of mouth-blown, handmade and hand-finished glassware. Located within the charming, rural village of Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny, the story of this family-run glassblowing studio began more than 40 years ago.

Jerpoint Glass was established, by Keith and Kathleen Leadbetter, in 1979. Keith trained as a glassblower at the prestigious Orrefors Glass School in Sweden. Kathleen is a self-taught artist with a love of aesthetics and design. She creates the unique colour palette now synonymous with the heritage craft studio. Their passion for glassblowing has passed to the next generation. Today their son, Rory Leadbetter, is a master glassmaker at Jerpoint Glass, along with fellow artisan James Long.

True to its roots, Jerpoint continues the art of glassmaking using simple hand tools and a two-thousand-year-old tradition. Gathering molten glass from a furnace that glows at 1250°c, the glassblowers work together using deceptively minimal movements to develop the desired shapes by strategically heating, cooling and manipulating the red-hot liquid until the magical transformation takes place.

From humble beginnings, Jerpoint is now known across the globe for its honest forms and use of colour, inspired by the Irish countryside.

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