Heike Kahle

Having been introduced to basketmaking, by chance, thirty years ago, I instantly fell in love with this ancient craft, the rhythmic and repetitive movement of weaving and the immediate connection to nature through the materials used, that anchors me in this world.

Willow is my preferred resource as a sustainable, strong, long-lasting yet lightweight and pliable material. I craft willow into traditional and contemporary baskets, garden structures, lampshades and living sculptures. By using different weaving patterns, I showcase the many different varieties of willow I grow.

About Heike Kahle

Heike Kahle was born in Germany where she graduated with an MA in Zoology in 1990. When she arrived in Ireland in 1993, she began making baskets and established her own basketry business, Willow Works, in 1996. In 2004 she began working as a tutor in basketmaking for Carlow/Kilkenny ETB and in the Camphill Community in Kyle near Callan.

In 2005 she and her husband, the potter Klaus Hartmann, opened Baurnafea Studio.



2009- 2022: Participation in Made In Kilkenny group exhibition during Kilkenny Arts Festival

2019 Lightbulb Moments in Grennan Mill, Thomastown, joint exhibition of collaborative work with potter Klaus Hartmann

2018 group exhibition at the Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford

2012 solo exhibition at Grennan Mill, Thomastown

2003 exhibition with textile artist Lorna Donlon at Waterford Treasures

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