Grainne Watts

My work explores forms and colour combinations, found in the natural world. Organic geometry and patterns inspire the surfaces I create, which become an integral aspect of each piece. I create sculptural and vessel forms, using smooth stoneware clay, and sometimes, Ming Porcelain, for smaller forms.

Throwing and hand-building techniques are mainly used in my creative practice. Decorative processes involve the application of multiple layers of velvet under glazes, applied with brushes to create complex optical surface detail.

I tend to work in series, exploring variations on a theme, and as a continuous search for a resolution to an original idea. This approach allows for new directions and solutions to evolve in the development of forms and surface decoration.

About Grainne Watts

Ceramic artist, Gráinne Watts, has been working with the medium of clay for over 40 years. Born in County Dublin, Gráinne studied at The National College of Art & Design, (NCAD) Dublin. She recently moved to the culturally vibrant area of Bennettsbridge, Co Kilkenny, where she is in the process of establishing a new studio space.

Gráinne exhibits regularly in Ireland with such galleries as The Blue Egg, Wexford, SO Fine Art, Dublin and The Millcove Gallery, Kenmare and internationally with Alveston Fine Arts, London, The Bevere Gallery, Worcester and Rosanna Orlandi Gallery, Milan.


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