Claire Molloy

Claire Molloy specialises in horsehair, smoke and saggar fired ceramics along with animal themed tableware. In 2013 she set up her studio in the beautiful surroundings of Rossenarra, Kilmoganny Co. Kilkenny. She is greatly influenced by the Irish rural environment and likes to create simple, natural looking forms with subtle colours and textures.

Claire has an honours degree in sculptural ceramics from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology and has completed the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland’s Ceramics Skills and Design Course. She is a member of the prestigious MADE in Kilkenny Craft Group and was selected for inclusion in DCCI’s Portfolio Selection.

About Claire Molloy

Having grown up in Tipperary on a dairy farm and now living on a farm in Kilkenny where my studio is located, I am greatly influenced by the Irish rural environment and country way of life.

My tableware range consists of animal themed pottery. Firstly, starting with the horse, a nod to my background working with and training horses to the other animals that you would find around the farm or as pets. This range reflects my love of animals and simple functional tableware.

For my exhibition pieces, I began working with horsehair ceramics, a process where hair from the tail or mane of a horse is placed on the surface of a hot ceramic piece. The hair burns in leaving behind beautiful black lines. Again these pieces reflect my love of horses albeit in a more abstract way. I make personalised pieces for horse and dog owners using hair from their own animals.

The saggar pieces evolved from the horsehair pieces as I wanted to introduce more colour and depth to my work. I experiment with different substances including ferric, hay, straw and stains, wrapping them in tin foil with the piece and firing them in the kiln to get a mixture of different results.

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