Christopher Heltzel

As master goldsmiths and the custodians of ancient jewellery-making techniques, the creations from the company Heltzel embody the very essence of craftsmanship. They channel the passion, respect and expertise of handmade jewellery into forging unique and extraordinary pieces.

Every step in the creative process strives to honour the materials and tools. Beauty and meaning in design is guided by thoughtfully sourced beautiful gemstones, often the result of years and even decades of searching, as well as the highly skilled working of precious metals, building on centuries of learning within the craft. All work from the Heltzel studio commits unwaveringly to finding balance and harmony in design, endeavouring to marry function and art-in-form to create uniquely Irish work. Each element within every creation is placed with intention, aiming to complement the essence of the wearer’s individuality and charm, with a strong desire that this results in a happy union between the creations and the wearer.

About Christopher Heltzel

With an initial background in science and film, Christopher was immersed in the world of Rudolf Heltzel’s trail-blazing jewellery from an early age. However, he felt it important to get influences from further afield, so after attending the Jewellery Skills Course at the Design and Crafts Council Ireland, he spent several years diversifying his skills in prestigious jewellery workshops in the USA, Sweden and Germany. Christopher also gathered qualifications in diamonds and in coloured gemstones from both the Geological Association of Great Britain and The Gemological Institute of America. In 2010 Christopher took up the reins of the Rudolf Heltzel atelier, founded by his father in 1968.

Connect with Christopher Heltzel

+353 56 772 1497

10 Patrick Street

Kilkenny City