Aisling McElwain

Aisling’s work is inspired by her background in geography and geology and by the texture of the clay itself. The vessels are understated in form. Layers of dark grey ceramic slip are carefully brushed onto each piece to create a subtle striated texture. She leaves the slate grey surface unglazed to enhance the texture of the clay in contrast to the soft smoothness of the muted grey-green jade-like glaze.

About Aisling McElwain

Aisling previously worked as a spatial analyst and geographical information systems technician, before starting her career in ceramics at the DCCI Pottery Skills Course in Thomastown in 2014. Following graduation, she moved to Kilkenny city and set up her own pottery studio in 2017. She has exhibited her work in Kilkenny, Dublin, Wexford and Galway as well as in Leeds and Faenza, Italy.

Connect with Aisling McElwain

+353 86 070 3875