Glassblowing Demonstrations

with Jerpoint Glass

Step into the mesmerizing world of glassblowing at Jerpoint Glass Studio. Watch in awe as our skilled artisans transform molten glass into stunning creation, each piece a testament to a centuries-old craftsmanship. The process begins at a blazing furnace, where our master glassblowers deftly gather molten glass. The breath of the glassmaker is the life of every piece of glass. The air that begins and expands each piece is the most essential tool in the entire process; that is quite literally breath taking.

At Jerpoint Glass, we take pride in our meticulous hand-finishing process. This attention to detail ensures a graceful touch absent in machine-cut alternatives, particularly noticeable in items like wine glasses, where the rim meets your lips.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Jerpoint Glass. Visit our studio during working hours to witness this ancient art form, free of charge. We welcome coach tours and school tours and can provide private experiences. To book a group experience please get in touch with