MADE in Kilkenny is a multidisciplinary craft group of 29 makers working in 9 different craft disciplines.

MADE in Kilkenny

Our Story

MADE in Kilkenny is a multidisciplinary craft group organised and run by its members on a voluntary basis with the mission to promote Kilkenny County as the premier destination in Ireland for authentic handmade Irish crafts of exceptional quality.

MADE in Kilkenny

Trail Map

As you navigate this trail, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the talented artisans themselves, gaining insight into their creative processes and the passion they infuse into every piece. Immerse yourself in the stories behind each creation, forging a deeper connection with the artisans and the place they call home.

MADE in Kilkenny


Keep your finger on the pulse of Kilkenny’s thriving craft scene with the latest updates and news from MADE in Kilkenny. Our dedicated team of artisans and enthusiasts work tirelessly to bring you the most exciting developments, events, and stories from the world of Kilkenny craftsmanship.